Born in Sicily on a warm early autumn day, I spent the first three carefree years of my life on my home island and was raised by my mother, my maternal grandmother, my four sisters and my older brother. My life changed radically, when we all decided to join my father in Germany, where he had been living and working since the early 1960’s. I took my first steps into acting at the age of five, when I started playing in Christmas plays at the loca parish and then at school, where I got involved in theater productions, usually farces and comedies.

After high school I decided to study Translation and Interpreting in Bologna/Forlì, where in 2006 I graduated in four languages (Italian, German, English and French). However, my time at university was not entirely dedicated to my passion for languages. I spent a couple of evenings a week attending a Musical Theater course, where I had the opportunity to refine my acting technique as well as add singing and dancing to my skill set. After graduation, I relocated to Rome, where I started my acting training at the Uniteatro “Permis de conduire”, affiliated with the Università La Sapienza. Following my studies, I alternated between theatrical projects, language teaching, professional translating and working for an international theatrical agency. After my time in Italy I moved back to Germany in 2013. In 2016 I moved to Berlin and collaborated with (a local web radio station) as part of my Master’s degree in Intercultural education, multilingualism and migration.

Since 2018 I started working as an actor, voice artist and model for advertisements in print and television. I had the pleasure of working with directors like Axel Weirowski, Sven Sindt, Marcel Glauche and Tobias Kratzer amongst others. With the experience gathered as a stage actor I got more and more into film and enrolled in some camera acting courses at ETI Schauspielschule in Berlin.

Performing in different languages allows me an enormous amount of freedom to vary my sensibility and my point of view both as a human being and as an actor. In addition, it can activate the audience’s perception of me as an actor who can transport them fluidly between languages and cultures, adding multifaceted layers to the performance.

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